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Friday, 9 August 2013

By request (With thanks to Chris at Digitopia)

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Seldom have I seen such quality of workmanship in a product. I was so blown away (and probably intoxicated by the delicious quality leather smell) that I called Clive to let him know of my satisfaction in person. Top bloke by the way. Incredible attention to detail and quality of construction, a real piece of tailored strength which I now trust with the life of my camera…and let’s face it, you wouldn’t even give your camera to your wife in most cases, and yet I trust this strap…it’s arguably better looking, and better smelling too. But hey, keep that between us. THANK YOU so much Clive. Stay UK!


Chris Wakefield
Proprietor / Head Tech & Design

242 Elliott Street
United Kingdom

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Quick Release Clips

These will be available shortly through our current Ebay
outlet.  They can be used with any of our current straps
and easily attach to the split ring or loop.
The clip is sheathed in silicone rubber to avoid any
damage to the body of your camera.  Swap from wrist
strap to shoulder strap in seconds with this useful