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Friday, 20 February 2015

Shoulderpod S1

Having spotted this online some months ago, I thought it 
would be a useful addition to my camera bag.  I'm using
my iPhone more and more for photography/video and 
being a clumsy person at the best of times this little gadget
appeared to have what I was looking for.

  The S1 comes nicely packaged.....

  Comes in 3 parts, the grip (adjustable) a metal grip which
  gives some weight/balance and a wrist strap.

  Assembled and ready.  Although the main (adjustable) body
  is a plastic material it has a nice robust feel to it. A knurled             
  knob allows adjustment to most sizes of camera.
  Removal of the bottom (weighted) section and the strap
  reveals a ¼ " socket which will enable you to attach the S1
  directly to a tripod. 

  Note...Strap shown is not the one supplied with kit.        

  Phone fitted and good to go.  Once fitted the phone/camera
  has a much better overall feel to it and the extra control is
  vastly improved.  The supplied strap is also very useful as 
  it removes any concerns over dropping your phone. 

  Adjusts for larger handsets (pictured with iPhone 6 plus)

  All in all, I would say a very worthwhile investment for 
  smartphone photographers/videographers.  Image quality
  is certainly improved simply by the extra control the S1
  gives you.  At a little over £20 it's certainly one of my best
  purchases so far this year and I would have no hesitation
  in recommending it to any serious smartphone photog-
  Check out their website here.....

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Footprint 'Big Boy'

This is our latest addition and follows in the footsteps of it's hugely popular sibling's, the 'Slip' and 'Slip HD'.
Designed for use with ring mounts which can be attached
to the tripod thread.  The strap is ⅝" wide and approx 14"
in length and has a robust bridle clip attached.
The 'Big Boy' will only be available in our Dakota leather
(4 colours) with a choice of 24 trim options.

    Tan Dakota/Black 'Big Boy'

  Tan Dakota/Black 'Big Boy'.

  All Black Dakota 'Big Boy'.

  All Black Dakota 'Big Boy'.

   Dark Brown Dakota/Rich Brown 'Big Boy'

    Tan Dakota/Army Green 'Big Boy'

    Dark Brown Dakota/Rich Brown 'Big Boy'.

  Black Dakota/Red 'Big Boy'.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

20mm Canon Fit

Canon Fit Straps

20mm width with webbing and tri-glide suitable for Canon 
and other cameras with the 'bar' type fitting.
Available in the following colours....Dark Brown, Black,
Tan and Papaya.

  Dark Brown Dakota 20mm CAN.

  Tan Dakota 20mm CAN.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


These are now for sale through our Ebay outlet.
Available in Italian Dakota leather only, in the following
colours....Black, Dark Brown, Papaya and Tan.
These HD straps are 0.5 inches wide and approx 14"
long as standard.  As with all our straps we can tailor
them to individual requirements.  Either add a note to
your order or email me with your preferences. These 
straps look equally at home on DSLR's or smaller compact
cameras.  Perfect for 'Street' photographers.
A small selection shown below.

   Black Dakota/Red HD Slip.
   Check out Tom Photoix review on YouTube.....

  Dark Brown Dakota/Rich Brown HD Slip.

    Papaya Dakota/Rich Brown HD Slip.

  Papaya Dakota/Rich Brown HD Slip.

   Tan Dakota/Rich Brown HD Slip.

   Black Dakota/Black HD Slip.

  Black Dakota/True Blue Slip SW.

   Black Dakota/Black HD Slip.

  Black Dakota/Black HD Slip.

    Tan Dakota/Bear Brown HD Slip.

  Black Dakota/Copper HD Slip.

  The HD Slip will also be available in Swivel (shown) and
  Loop versions.

  Standard Slip ⅜" and HDSlip ½" for comparison.
  Black Dakota with True Blue trim.

  Tan Dakota/Sand HD Slip.

  Tuscan 'Dakota' Leather colours.

    Choose from 24 trim colours.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

New range of Dakota Straps 20mm

A new range of shoulder straps made from our very popular
Italian 'Dakota' full grain leather are now available.  These 
are a much wider 20mm strap and available in the following
colours......Black, Dark Brown, Papaya and Tan.  Standard 
length is 40 inches but can be made to customers specs.

    Top to bottom....Dark Brown, Tan and Black.

  Dark Brown Dakota 20mm SR.

    Tan Dakota 20mm SR

.  Black Dakota 20mm SR.

  Tan Dakota 20mm SR.