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Friday, 20 December 2013

Black Dakota 40 SP

A new addition to our range of shoulder straps made in 
Italian full grain leather.  This is a super soft and flexible
leather which requires no 'breaking in' period. Fitted with
an integral shoulder pad for extra comfort. Strap width ½".
Overall length 40 inches (can be customised to suit the individual).

  Black Dakota 40 SP 
  Shown with swivel attachments (not incl.)                

Monday, 9 December 2013

New Compact Strap

This new strap is available now and is designed
for the ultra compact cameras. Made from our Italian full
grain leather, super soft and flexible. The strap is ¼"
wide and 8" in length.
Available in Black, Tan and Papaya Dakota with any 
of our 23 trim colour options.

  Black Dakota/Red Compact

    Black Dakota/Black Compact

  Black Dakota/Bear Brown Compact

  Black Dakota/Grey Compact

  Black Dakota/Army Green Compact

  Black/Rich Brown, Black/True Blue, All Black, Black/Red.

   Papaya Dakota/Rich Brown Compact


  A fixed loop version is also available, again with any one of
  our 23 colour trims. (Shown below)

  Black/Lime Green (Loop version)

   Black/Rich Brown Loop


   Black/Red Loop

   Black/Copper Loop

  Black/Lilac Loop

  All Black Loop