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Friday, 10 October 2014

NEW Italian Dakota Neck Straps

We shall be introducing a range of neck straps made in our
Italian Dakota leather.  These will be available in Black,
Dark Brown, Papaya and Tan. Designed mainly for small
compact cameras.
As with most of our straps, they will be available with any
of our 24 trim colours.
The straps are approx. 16 inches in length (not including
the loop) and ¼ inch width. This is a beautiful full grain, 
supple leather with burnished edges making them
comfortable to wear.

  Dark Brown Dakota/Bear Brown Neck Loop

   Tan Dakota/ Rich Brown Neck SR

Monday, 29 September 2014

A request from Max

Max is a reportage photographer based in London, England.
He contacted me recently to see if I could help him out.
He'd purchased a Minolta webbing strap through Ebay which had a rubber shoulder pad and wanted to know if I could 
supply a leather alternative to the webbing supplied. 
We decided on the Italian Dakota leather and it was made up to the measurements supplied by Max. As it was to be fitted
directly to the triangular split rings we needed to leave the
ends of the strap 'open'.  The answer to this was to utilise
'chicago screws' which only need a screwdriver to fit.
The following photos show the results.

  Photos above (courtesy of Max Braun).

   Chicago Screws

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dark Brown Dakota

Italian Dakota full grain leather from Tuscany now available 
in Dark Brown.
A nice addition to our three other Dakota leathers which are
Black, Tan and Papaya.

  Dark Brown Dakota 40 R

  Dark Brown Dakota/Rich Brown SR

  Dark Brown Dakota/Kelly Green SR

Monday, 28 April 2014

Quick Release Swivel Attachments

Now available alongside our standard swivel attachments.
Made with the heavier swivel featuring welded rings for
extra strength.  These will comfortably support DSLR's,
Rangefinders or compact type cameras.
A useful addition to any of our shoulder straps providing
better flexibility.

   Black/Terracotta with QR Swivel.

  Quick Release Swivel

  Standard Swivel

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Black Dakota Shoulder

My strap of choice for the RX100.
Made with Italian full grain leather. The swivel version allows
a little more flexibility in use.  The swivels used are the 
larger heavy duty type and ideal for the larger straps.
This strap will also comfortably handle any larger camera/
lens combos.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

NEW... Black Dakota Shoulder Strap 20mm

  A new addition to our shoulder strap range...
  Slightly wider, with larger camera/lens combinations
  in mind.
  Length can be customised to suit the individual.

  Made from Italian full grain leather 20mm width x 102cm            (40") length.  Double riveted and fitted with split rings.


  Shown with Quick Release Swivel attachments

   Shown with Quick Release Swivel attachments

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

NEW 'SLIP' Wrist Strap

A recent addition to the 'Footprint' range of straps.
Self adjusting via a running ring which is welded
for strength. 
Made in both Italian Dakota full grain leather and 
Sedgwicks bridle leather in a choice of colours.
Italian Dakota is the softer more flexible leather
and in my view more suitable for todays compact
cameras through to the rangefinder type. Bridle 
leather is a little less forgiving initially but does
soften considerably with use. Recommended for
heavier DSLR/Lens combinations. This is not to 
say that a soft Dakota leather would not be suitable
for a DSLR.  They are both made in the same way
i.e. all joints are glued and saddle stitched to ensure
strength before being bound with a super strong
waxed polyester thread.

Fitted with split ring and rubber bumper ring ready
to attach to your camera. These straps are also
available with both Swivel and Loop fittings.
(See pics below for examples).

   Black Dakota/True Blue Slip SR

  Black Dakota Slip with Black trim.

  Sony A7R with Black Dakota Slip.
  Photo by kind permission of Rich at 'Dog Shidt Optics'
  Check them out on Facebook....

  Black Dakota Slip (Fuji X100)

  Papaya Dakota/RichBrown Slip

 Bridle leather versions also available in Australian Nut,                             Havana, Black, Red, Conker and Light Havana. Not all            variations will be listed. Please contact me if you require
a different leather/trim colour combination.

  Australian Nut/Copper Slip

  Havana/Rich Brown Slip

  Light Havana/Bear Brown Slip

  Papaya Dakota/Army Green Slip

  Tan Dakota/True Blue Slip

  Black Dakota/Red Slip Loop

  Tan Dakota/Army Green Slip Loop

  Dark Brown Dakota/Sand Slip Swivel

  Dark Brown Dakota/Copper Slip