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Sunday, 29 September 2013

I'm 6' 11"

Had an email from a guy recently who says " I'm 6' 11" and a 40 inch shoulder strap would leave my camera very comfortably in my armpit"......only kidding, but you get the idea.
Seriously though, you may well be 6'+ and a 40 inch
strap won't cut it.  
If that's the case, please contact me and let me know what
you require. We use 40" as an average because it suits a
lot of users.  My Ebay account doesn't allow me to list size and colour options.  Same again with wrist straps...if you have larger than average hands and would like something slightly
bigger, contact me or add a note to your order. In the majority
of cases there will be no extra charge. If you would like to
confirm before you order, by all means contact me.

We now have seven colours of leather and twenty plus trim colours, not to mention connectors i.e. split rings, loop,
swivel etc.  The combinations are endless and far too many
to list.  Currently we have over 50 listings and this doesn't
begin to cover the possibilities.  Please use the listings as 
a guide and make your own choice.  If you'd like a shoulder
strap 46 inches in length in Havana with Pink trim, just ask!
......we can do it.


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Coming Soon....Tripod Straps

Our new tripod straps will be available shortly via Ebay.
Made from Italian full grain leather with chrome fittings.
Straps are 5/8" wide and 3mm thick. Length is approx. 
16 inches and allows for plenty of adjustment.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

New Adjustable Shoulder Strap

NEW....Adjustable Shoulder Strap in Italian full grain leather

This strap is made from our Italian full grain shoulder and is
1/2" wide and adjustable from 40'' to 45" in length. 
Double rivetted at both ends for strength and fitted with a matching keeper.
A really nice quality leather which is both strong and very
pleasing to the eye. A nickel plated buckle completes the look on this very attractive strap.  
Embossed with the 'Footprint' logo.
Supplied with a pair of rubber bumper rings. 
Also available in Tan Dakota.

  Papaya Dakota (top) and Tan Dakota.

Friday, 6 September 2013

New....Italian Full Grain Shoulder

We are introducing an Italian Full Grain Shoulder leather to 
our range.  This is a very supple, vegetable tanned 8oz (3mm) leather and will be available in three colours,
Tan Dakota, Papaya Dakota and Black.
We have selected these leathers in response to customers
requests for a strap that is a little more 'pliable'.

  Tan Dakota with Bear Brown trim 40" (shown with optional             
  QR clips)

  Shoulder Strap in Papaya Dakota 40"

  Papaya Dakota 40" fitted with optional QR clips

Papaya Dakota 1/2"  stitched 40"

  Papaya Dakota/Rich Brown

  Left to Right...Tan Dakota and Papaya Dakota. (shown with
  Bear Brown trim).

  Tan Dakota-Bear Brown.

  Papaya Dakota 1/2" x 45" (shown with swivel attachments)


Black Dakota Adjustable 

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sedgwick's 'Red' Leather

We have recently added Sedgwick's Red bridle leather to our range and will be available in all trim options.