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Welcome to Footprint Custom Straps

FOOTPRINT Custom Straps

Welcome to the Footprint Custom Straps blog.....
I hope the information contained herein will be of use to both
professional and amateur photographers alike.

Queries or questions
.......please contact me at      clivegoff@aol.com

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My aim from the outset was to produce a top quality leather
strap for photographers both amateur and professional. I have sourced the best materials from suppliers within the UK in order to produce a product that should last many years and will enhance the look of your camera. My straps are immensely strong in construction and are made to support the smallest compact to the largest DSLR.

The question I get asked most..."Will it fit?"

Wrist straps are approx. 8 inches end to end 
(not including any loops, swivels etc). 
The opening for your hand is approx. 5.5 inches.
These measurements can of course be adjusted to suit
the individual

 We currently use five colours of leather shown below.

The leather used for our straps is 4mm bridle butt and is
supplied by J & E Segwick. This is a top end product and very
sought after by manufacturers of leather goods worldwide.
It is used in equestrian applications and it's strength and
durability are second to none.

  Black/Yellow SR

  Conker/Army Green SR

   Australian Nut/Copper SR

  Havana/Sand SR

  Havana/Army Green Loop

The trim or binding used is a waxed polyester thread (1mm)
which comes in a variety of colours. This is both water and UV resistant and immensely strong. We currently use 23 colours shown below. 
These are updated from time to time as new colours become available.

Grey......Many customers have asked us if we do a 'silver'
thread.  This is the nearest we are likely to get in a polyester

Five different fittings are available....


                  SPLIT RING

LOOP (2 versions) Standard Dyneema and the
thinner version RX which is the same material as the binding.
Smaller compacts such as the Sony RX100 and similar won't accept the Dyneema as it's a little thicker.

                  STANDARD (DYNEEMA) LOOP

                   RX  (Thin) Loop

FLEX....Recently introduced and proving very popular is a 
hybrid of the Split ring and Loop giving the user a little more
flexibility between camera and strap.


SWIVEL.   Speaks for itself really. A ball bearing swivel with
welded rings for strength. Tested to 40lbs. I use these on my
Fuji X100 and a Nikon D300...love it!!


Combinations of all the above probably run into many 
hundreds and would be impractical to list on EBAY.
If you have an idea of something you'd like please feel
free to contact me and I'll be happy to make one up for

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