Sunday, 31 March 2013

The making of a Footprint Custom Strap.


    Designed by a photographer, for photographers.

  Most photographers relish the day when they finally 
  pick up the shiny, state of the art camera they have
  waited patiently for to arrive at their local dealer.
  Whether it be the latest compact or a top end DSLR
  the excitement is just as great.  The disappointment
  usually comes when you finally unwrap the accessories.
  I have a collection of straps in a drawer that frankly I
  wouldn't attach to a cheap mobile phone let alone a
  £1000+ camera!

  So, Footprint Custom Straps was born out of frustration
  that a quality strap which could be customised to the 
  individual was not freely available.

  Three main factors govern the production of our straps
  .....Quality of materials used, Durability and Longevity.
  To this end we have sourced the best quality leathers
  from both the UK and Italy.  
  One of the first processes is to remove the 'sharp'  
  edge from the leather. This makes the strap a lot 
  more comfortable to the user.
  We then colour the raw edge and burnish to finish.
  Split ring(s) are then attached and the leather is 
  saddle stitched by hand using a strong waxed thread,
  then bound using a coloured polyester waxed thread.
  Be assured that whatever camera you are using, from
  the smallest compact to the heaviest DSLR, Footprint
  Custom Straps are up to the job.

  We have six colours in our bridle leather range....
  Black, Havana (Dark Brown), Australian Nut, Conker,
  Light Havana and Red.
  There are currently three colours in our Italian Full Grain
  leather.... Black Dakota, Papaya Dakota and Tan Dakota.
  Our waxed polyester thread (trim) range now consists of
  24 colours.
  I haven't done the math, but I think you will agree 
  that's a lot of choice by any standard.
  You will see the dimensions of straps in our listings.
  Please use these as a guide only.
  If you require one shorter/longer than the description,
  you only need msg me when ordering.
  We cannot list every combination of colours for obvious
  reasons, so please contact me if what you require is not
  listed. I can be contacted via Ebay or by email direct

    Logo applied.

  Edges prepared for staining and burnishing.

  Joint glued and hand stitched prior to binding.

  Shoulder straps ready for stitching.


  Light Havana Shoulder strap being stitched prior to binding.

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