Monday, 13 May 2013

New Swivel Loop

Many people have contacted me over the last year asking for a shoulder strap with loop type fixings.  In order for this to work successfully the 'loops' have to be detachable in order to be able to fit both sides.  The following pictures show the new
attachments which I have been 'road testing' on my Fuji X100.  Made from the ultra strong Dyneema cord welded to
a ball bearing swivel.

Please note...These will add approx. 7-8" in length to your
strap. Each loop is roughly 4" long.

They are available now and will have a swivel fitting attached as standard. This will allow the user the ultimate in flexibility.
If you are using a shoulder strap and decide to use a wrist
strap at a later date, just remove one of the loops and fix
your wrist strap to the welded ring on the swivel.
See below for fitting instructions.

  These are also available to fit cameras such as the 
  SONY RX100 which require a thinner loop and are made 
  from the same polyester cord used on the strap.

This is how the new loops will look on a wrist strap, complete
with swivel attachment. 

   All Black SL     

    Australian Nut/Rich Brown SL

  Light Havana/Bear Brown SL

Fitting the SL strap

1. Remove the loop attachment from the split ring.
2. Using a piece of thread, pull the loop through the 
    strap post.  This avoids any damage to either the
    loop and more importantly your camera.
    This method can also be used with the standard
    loop strap.

3. Re-attach strap

Do not attempt to poke the loop through with a sharp object.
Dyneema has a white core which will inevitably push through
the braided black outer sheath thus damaging the loop itself.

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